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Now that's a flattie

THE arrival of the cold weather has done little to deter the avid anglers who have been rewarded by some first class fish.

Top this week is the 9.100 kg flathead landed by Damien Glover, of Yamba, who fished in the vicinity of the Oyster Channel bridge using a hard-bodied lure.

Damien can be seen frequently fishing from his blue kayak near the bridge, and one must wonder how he managed to fit the fish , more than one metre long, into his small boat.

Although he does well in this spot, he always returned these big fish alive back into the water after weighing.

Michael Wilson, of Yamba, is another who returns most of his big fish, including the 4.600kg flathead he landed on a yabbie near the Yamba Tavern.

Big flathead have been a feature of this week's weigh-in , with Richard von Fister, of Yamba, landing a 2.400kg fish from the Middle Wall and Vic Funnell, of Yamba, another regular in these columns, landed his 2.100kg flathead at Whiting Beach.

Up river, although there have not been many big ones around, one angler managed a bag limit during a club outing at Grafton.

The cold conditions have also brought the big blackfish on the bite, although the better fish are still coming from around the headlands.

Frank O'Loughlin fished Craigmore Rocks on Wednesday for a fish of 1.313kg, using cabbage weed, but returned the next day and landed a bigger one, 1.440kg. On the same day, Rob Knight, of Yamba, fished the same rocks for one of 1.306kg.

In the river, Spud Murphy, of Iluka, fished Moriaty's Wall for a fish of 630g.

Although the big bream should be around in better numbers and size at the moment, the general run is still below one kilo.

Allan Farlow, of Yamba, fished the breakwall for one of one kilo on a yabbie bait, with Terry Munro, of Grafton, runner-up with one of 936g from the Middle Wall.

The fish are spread well throughout the lower reaches, with Carol Bastian, of Harwood, using a steak bait for his best of 852g, while Daniel Elliott, of Yamba, scored with a 795g fish from the Yamba Wall.

Jackson Elliott, of Yamba, used a popper lure for the 780g fish from the Oyster Channel, while Joshy Forest, of Iluka, had a good outing at Maclean with one fish around 925g and several about 700g.

Whiting have gone quiet with only one weighed-in - a 300g fish taken on a plastic lure near the Yamba Wall by Josh Anderson, of Yamba.

Better sea conditions have seen some good catches coming from the offshore grounds.

Mark Mulligan, of Harwood, fishing from his small tinnie off Angourie, scored two snapper - 5.800kg and 5.700kg.

But biggest this week was the 7.400 kg fish landed by Glen Phelps, of Brooms Head, while fishing off Sandon.

Glen also collects a certificate for his bar mackerel of 16.400kg taken on the same outing.

Although there have been reports of good school jewfish during the past few weeks, those who managed to find a big one have been fairly quiet.

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