Nuisance told to behave

HAVING spent five weeks in custody for his repeated failures to appear in court, Robert Russell Kean, 27, of Grafton, was fined a total of $600 and placed on good behaviour bonds in Grafton Local Court last week for a string of offences, including breaking into his parents' home.

Kean, who stole phones from his mother and a friend, sent offensive text messages including nude photographs of himself to female contacts in the phones in April last year.

He was fined $200 for each phone theft and was placed on $500 recognisance release orders for 12 months for the two Commonwealth offences of using a carriage service to menace/harrass/offend.

These orders mean that if Kean reoffends in the same manner in the next year he will be forced to pay $500 fines for each of his previous offences.

He was fined $200 for failing to pay for accommodation at Maclean in July this year and made to pay $75 in compensation.

Stealing a cask of wine from a house he had been at on April 17 last year earned Kean a 12-month good behaviour bond.

Police evidence tendered to Grafton Local Court last month said Kean had stolen a phone after spending a social evening at a "friend's" house in South Grafton on April 11, 2010, but the victim had not realised straight away.

The victim was awoken the next day by his ex-wife, who was furious at the text message she and several of her female friends had received from the man's phone overnight, police said.

The texts asked recipients, including some of the man's business associates, for sexual favours.

The man tried ringing his own phone to no avail, but ended up receiving a message from it on another phone to collect it from the veranda of a Grafton address, police said.

The man told police he had received threatening voicemails from some of the husbands of the women contacted.

Two days earlier, Kean had stolen his mother's phone from an Ulmarra address after spending the evening at a party there, police evidence revealed.

Police said Kean ran up a large bill using sex chat lines, sent offensive text messages to contacts and took naked pictures of himself using the phone.

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