Grafton pool water chills

LEARN to swim classes have been postponed and even hardened lane swimmers are opting to stay out of the water as a result of a broken water heater at South Grafton pool.

The gas boiler which heats the water caught alight about a fortnight ago, finally putting an end to a piece of equipment that managers said had ‘been on its last legs for a while’.

Clarence Valley Council’s deputy general manager Rob Donges said a replacement of the old boiler was imminent and that council, as the pool’s owner, would pay the bill estimated to be upwards of $20,000.

“I understand that it’s ‘off the shelf’ equipment so as soon as we award the quote, it should be installed within days,” Mr Donges said.

While some pre-school classes have been moved into the hydrotherapy pool, swim teachers have had to ring parents and cancel classes for older children in the bigger pool this week.

Pool lessee Alan Paterson said the pool’s temperature, currently hovering about 25 degrees, had definitely affected business. “It’s fine for lap swimming but in keeping with quality standards for learn to swim classes and providing a comfortable environment we have postponed classes for a week,” Alan said.

“Aquarobics and gentle exercise class numbers have reduced dramatically and for some of it’s their only exercise and it’s important they keep moving.”

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