This NZ politician was just hit by a pink fake penis

NEW Zealand's Economic Minister Steven Joyce has been struck by a "large pink fake penis" while he was speaking to the media.

The NZ National Party leader ended the media conference without commenting on the rubbery item used in the bizarre attack.

He later seemed amused by the incident.


When asked whether it was the first time this has happened to him, he said, "Yes, it would be fair to say, under any circumstances".

The woman who struck the minister with the fake appendage was taken away by police, giving a peace sign and a thumbs up out the window.

Meanwhile NZ Opposition Leader Andrew Little said it was a "creative item" to throw at a politican, adding that it wasn't unusual for politicians to have things thrown at them including "vegetable matter, clods of dirt here at Waitangi actually".

"It's a matter of historical record. Things get thrown at politicians, not just insults," he said.

"It is a creative item, I guess, to throw at a politician and perhaps the person throwing it thought there was a message in it. I can't imagine what that could be."

When told the woman had referred to taking away sovereignty, Mr Little said, "Right. The connection between sexual devices and sovereignty is not immediately apparent to me, but I think we should not underestimate the fact people are very hot under the collar about TPP."

His press secretary promptly suggested the press conference end at that point.

New Zealanders have repeatedly protested the country's signing of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement.

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