CCTV of Thomas Kelly moments before the incident.
CCTV of Thomas Kelly moments before the incident.

'Oh God no': Parents outaged at king-hit killer's sentence

THE parents of king-hit victim Thomas Kelly have been left "cold and shocked" by the four-year jail sentence imposed on the young man who killed their son.

Kieran Loveridge was on strict bail conditions when he punched 18-year-old Thomas on the notorious Kings Cross strip before continuing his violent rampage in a club on July 7, last year.

Two of his victims were lucky but Thomas was rushed to St Vincent's Hospital, where he later died.

Ralph and Kathy Kelly have since lobbied the State Government to crack-down on alcohol fuelled violence and to review soft sentencing laws.

As Loveridge was sentenced for just four years in the NSW Supreme Court on Friday, Mrs Kelly cried out "Oh God no".

Outside court the couple expressed their anger and despair at a justice system which they said, had failed them.

Mr Kelly said the decision had supported an offender who had killed his son for "absolutely no reason".

He went further to say his son's life was considered "meaningless by the state" and called on NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell to "finally" do something about the problem plaguing Sydney's streets.

Fighting tears, Mrs Kelly made reference an attack in Sydney's CBD this week which claimed the life of another young man and questioned why the government had not stepped in.

"How many boys, or how many of our children have to die before somebody does something to change it," Mrs Kelly said

"(Thomas) was young, honest and at the brink of starting his life and he's gone...and the next person could be your son."

Loveridge will be eligible for parole in November, 2017.

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