Actress Cameron Diaz makes the most of her fine hair using layers and waves to create body and fullness.
Actress Cameron Diaz makes the most of her fine hair using layers and waves to create body and fullness.

STYLEwise: Oil spill ahead

Recently we tackled the issue of managing curly hair, well this week we are looking at just the opposite, the dreaded dilemma of having fine limp and/or oily hair.

Now I know that those of you with that kind of hair find styling difficult, and terms like fullness and body, are foreign to you.

Well you are not alone and hopefully a few tips will help bring some fullness into your life.

Starting with as always, use a suitable shampoo and conditioner for your hair type.

Oily hair

Let me first clarify what oily hair is. It is not hair that becomes oily three days after you washed it. True oily hair is like the male five o'clock shadow, it is back again before the end of the day. Oily hair after two or three days is 'normal' hair. Comprende?

Now with that out of the way, the most important thing you can do to prevent or resolve oily hair is to shampoo your hair once daily with a suitable shampoo, but no more than that, to shampoo more often would only serve to overstimulate the oil glands and encourage them to produce more.

As advocates of professional salon quality products we recommend Joico's Treatment Shampoo or Balancing Shampoo.

Conditioner is something a lot of people with oily hair try to avoid, BUT even though your scalp gets plenty of moisture from its natural oils, your ends don't and can still suffer from dryness, so they need conditioner to keep in tip top form.

Avoid brushing your hair too often or too vigorously, since brushing will not only stimulate the oil glands and produce more oil, but also carry oil from your scalp to the ends of your hair so the whole lot looks lank and greasy.

Fine hair

There are some great body-building shampoos out there that can make a genuine difference. Your regular stylist will be able to help you with your choice.

When it comes to conditioning, it's a yes, but concentrate on conditioning your ends only. You can occasionally use conditioner on the roots but only for a couple of seconds as you don't want to make your hair heavy or oily. With any conditioner specifically for fine hair, the only way to discover how it will affect your hair is to experiment.

Just as some products are great for making fine hair fuller, others are really quite the opposite.

Avoid waxes, cremes and putties. Even a tiny amount of this type of product can make fine hair look limp and greasy. Those of you that have used these products in the past may have inevitably invented the grunge look.

Stick to lightweight products or mousses (low in alcohol) that provide body and control without stiffness or tackiness. Heavy gels can also weigh fine hair down.

Avoid serums as much as possible also, but if you feel your ends need some smoothing make sure you stay well away from your scalp. We recommend Body Luxe Styling Foam by Joico

Despite what they were invented for, anything heavy in the way of hair products will be the death of any fullness or body a fine or oily haired person was hoping to achieve.

Fine hair also requires regular trims to keep it looking healthy. Just like the perishables in the supermarket, fine hair has a use-by date and will tend to look ratty and sparse if it is long overdue for a cut.

You can also add brightness, and dimension to fine hair by getting highlights. When contrasted against a dark base, highlighted hair looks thicker and more dimensional, but don't overdo it.

Certain cuts benefit fine hair more than others. Layers will usually help as they allow the hair more movement and tend to look less flat than hair that is all the same length.

Last but not least when you are styling fine hair or any hair for that matter remember heat moulds the style and cool sets it, so if you want to keep that height and fullness don't let your hair go flat while it is still holding heat.


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