Cartoon by Paul Zanetti.
Cartoon by Paul Zanetti.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR, Aug 28: On the other foot

On the other foot

NEWTON'S Third Law states: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Labor's Federal Opposition is belatedly learning that lesson.

The most strident voice from that front bench calling for Government heads to roll has been Tony Burke. Ranting from his holier than thou position this bloke has attacked most government ministers demanding resignations.

Speaker Bronwyn Bishop received special virulent treatment having been a thorn in his side since the election.

And then, hey presto, the boot is on the other foot and what is revealed, Burke has stuck the public purse with a $4.6 million travel and 'entitlements' bill over a seven-year period and has had to repay monies on 15 occasions.

In one year's time the 30-year gag imposed by Bob Hawke on the transgressions and tribulations of the then Justice Lionel Murphy will be lifted.

The results of an inquiry into the disgraced Labor-endorsed judge were hushed up by the Hawke government, and the inquiry records promptly sealed for 30 years.

Should be interesting times ahead, given the cowardly attacks by Labor and its media cronies on a judge trying to lift the lid on the odious connection between the ALP and corrupt union bosses, past and present, with new revelations of chicanery and malpractice just waiting in the wings.

Fred Perring, Halfway Creek

Who benefits?

UNDER the new trade agreement with China, it is proposed that a Chinese Government-backed bank will be starting up here in Australia.

Now this bank will be established to deal with future Australian infrastructure.

Under the Trade Agreement any infrastructure costing more that $150 million the Chinese contractors will be able to bring out their own tradesmen and labourers accompanied by a variety of heavy machinery drivers.

This will all be done without advertising for Australian workers as per the trade agreement.

In other words the Liberal National Party are selling our country to a foreign power.

Somebody must be benefitting financially out of this and it is not the Australians. What did Coalition parties actually negotiate? Is this a traitorous Act?

Charles John Lincoln, Gulmarrad


Real problems

I WONDER is there any reason why our beloved Clarence Valley Council needs an excuse to spend more of ratepayers' hefty contributions?

Recently I was sent a survey and, hell's bells, does the council want to know what we really think about proposed rises? Or, do they just want to prepare us for the worst case scenario?

In our Yamba street we are paying in excess of $3800 rates and we can't even have our red bin rubbish collected weekly.

Why doesn't the Council wake up and address the real problems; poor waste service and unnecessary over-spending, over-staffing and general lack of interest in our welfare?

Name and address provided

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