WINNING MOVE: Troy Urquart (Barbs Hagars) celebrates after scoring a goal in the men’s A-grade hockey.
WINNING MOVE: Troy Urquart (Barbs Hagars) celebrates after scoring a goal in the men’s A-grade hockey.

Last minute goal has Barbarian Hagars on track for three-peat

A LAST minute goal in over time has the Barbarian Hagars on track for a trifecta in the men's A-grade hockey grand final this weekend.

If the team takes out the grand final over the Bears, it will be the third year in a row it has taken home the major premiership.

The Barbarians beat the Royals Clocktower at the weekend after going into over time at two all.

Barbarians captain Josh Wainwright said the tight match had been typical of games against the Royals this season.

"There was nothing in it the whole game," he said.

"It was just a penalty corner in extra time."

The team will now face the Bears - a rematch of the grand final two years ago when the Barbarians came out on top.

Wainwright said Jamie Lane was awarded players player for "his efforts everywhere" and high work rate.

Glen Ryder was also a stand out according to Wainwright.

"He shut down a lot of their attack and made a lot of tackles," he said.

Wainwright said the team would talk tactics this week but was expecting a tight game.

"We always seem to have nice tight games against the Bears, of good physical hockey.

If the draw scenario plays out again there will be extra time played with player drop offs (nine then seven).

If after 10 minutes of extra time the result is still drawn, penalty strokes will be played for all senior grades.

Men's and women's matches are intertwined throughout the day utilising both synthetic fields starting with the lower grades from 11.20am.

The end of the men's A-grade match on grand final day will mark the official end to another successful season for Grafton Men's Hockey.

C Consolation - Sailors Old Boys 2. Goals to Barry Livermore 1 and Dennis Greensil 1 Defeated Barbarian Vikings 1. Goal to Robert Hull
C Grade - Sailors Grafton Air/Cetnaj 2. Goals to Andrew Sear 1 and Darryl Clark 1 Defeated Royals Irish 1. Goal to Tony Norton
B Grade - Barbarian Horribles 4. Goals to Nick Pate 2, Mark Riddell 1 and Dean Broomhall 1 Defeated City Bears Elders 3. Goals to Peter Herden1, Michael Russ 1 and Dave Kelly 1.
A Grade - In extra time Barbarian Hagars 3. Goals to Brad Inmon 1, Josh Wainwright 1 and Troy Urquart 1 Defeated Royals Clocktower 2. Goals to Matt Lobsey 2

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