Noel Robinson with some of the many kids at Cubby House for Kids in Townsend.
Noel Robinson with some of the many kids at Cubby House for Kids in Townsend.

One big family at Cubby House For Kids

FOR Noel and Leanne Robinson, their early learning centre Cubby House For Kids has become an integral part of their local community, and a place for nearly 100 children a day.

"It's home for a lot of people," he said. "We always talk about being the Cubby House family, but it really is. We have generations of people who bring their kids back because they came here. There's all that connections and history in the place that is important.

"We've got a couple of staff who are former cubby kids, and we've got cubby kids that are parents that bring theirs - I think being around for that time we are a big part of the community."

Who is the Clarence Valley's favourite childcare centre?

This poll ended on 07 December 2020.

Current Results

New School Of Arts Early Learning Centre – South Grafton


Cubby House For Kids – Townsend


Willy Wagtails Kindergarten – Yamba


Walla Walla Bing Bang Early Learning Centre – Harwood


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

Mr Robinson said that as owners, their number one priority was for their children and families.

"Everything we do, and every decision that we make put them front and centre," he said.

"And with that, it's the importance of looking after staff, and those two things together make a huge difference. We do whatever families and children need us to do - every family has different needs, and we try to make sure we provide that for every family.

"We try to look after everyone, and it's more than just staff; it's a family, and everyone looks after each other. When we hear back from families, and even visitors, it's always about that feeling that's here, and you see it in the staff and the way they look after the kids - it's over and above."

This level is consistently reflected as their centre has exceeded the various quality standards throughout the years, and Mr Robinson again praised his staff for their commitment.

"We can have all these ideals that we hold and believe are really important, but our staff are the people who implement that and make it happen in the room, and we have awesome staff."

Mr Robinson said for the children, they aimed to create a sense of belonging and a place where everyone was welcome and encouraged the children to take ownership of where they play and how they play.

"We spend the time to build the relationship with each child, and the children come and feel comfortable," he said.

"And when they feel comfortable it gives them the confidence to explore and to learn and the opportunities are there for them.

"We are really responsive to their needs, and we really take pride in the children directing their own learning."

Sustainability and a connection to their natural environment also play a large part of the experience at Cubby House For Kids, and Mr Robinson said they were privileged to have the environments in their playground that led to their natural learning.

"We encourage them to learn about it, and the kids are forever talking to us about it all … and it really helps them resource that and help them become caring citizens later in life," he said.

"There is still school-style learning, but for us it's more about them becoming competent and capable human beings."

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