OPINION: Being poor is part of studying

BEING stone broke while studying at university or TAFE is a given.

It's almost a rite of passage for students to struggle through degrees and training while surviving on two-minute noodles and living in share houses that are otherwise fit to be condemned.

There is a noble cause to being a student as you forego earnings in favour of getting a higher education which will hopefully earn you more money in the future.

Having said all that the rates of pay for apprentices are really hard to live on.

It's little wonder many school leavers opt to be the kitchen hand in a restaurant as they can earn more money scraping food off dishes than they can by learning to cook it.

But at the end of the day, studying, struggling and getting a qualification gives you a sense of achievement and something you can carry into your professional life.

As many uni and other students kick off their courses it's an exciting time.

But I'm just wondering whether as many people are choosing to start a degree, earn a TAFE diploma or start an apprenticeship as they use to.

Because it seems many more people are taking manual but well-paying lower-end jobs and simply watching the money pile up in their bank accounts.

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