OPINION: Bishop is ALP’s trump card

THE Federal Opposition has played what looked like a losing hand to perfection in engineering the fall of the Speaker of the House Bronwyn Bishop.

On July 14 the Labor Party looked like it was holding a hand without an ace.

Its leader, Bill Shorten, was still under fire following his performance at the Royal Commission into union corruption and the ALP National Conference was in uproar over the proposal to allow turn backs of asylum seeker boats.

On July 15 Labor played its joker.

It wrote to Ms Bishop wanting her to justify the expenditure of $5227.27 of taxpayers' money for a luxury helicopter flight from Melbourne to Geelong on November 5, 2014 to attend a Liberal Party function at the Clifton Springs Golf Club.


WATERCOOLER: Tony Abbott has dumped Bronwyn Bishop as Speaker for misusing travel expenses and promised a review into...

Posted by The Daily Examiner on Sunday, 2 August 2015

Since then the only thing to compete with #choppergate has been the Adam Goodes booing outrage and even here the Liberal Party missed a trick with its prolonged silence on the issue.

Is it too long a bow to draw to say the ALP had the Bronwyn Bishop chopper ride card as their one trump in an otherwise bleak hand?

Choosing the right time to play your joker is key to ensuring it has maximum effect.

The Government had played its trumps and looked ready to complete the grand slam.

But the Bishop joker seems to have caught the government holding cards it didn't want.

Shorten and asylum seeker policy faded into the background as the Opposition, along with the court of public opinion, pursued the speaker to its inevitable conclusion on Sunday.

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