If men were scrutinised and criticised to the same degree as women, it would get pretty ugly.
If men were scrutinised and criticised to the same degree as women, it would get pretty ugly. Dynamic Graphics

OPINION: Crimes against women, again - blame Trump

THIS is the third in the unplanned series of patriarchal challenging columns following on week one's groping entitlements followed by women's unspoken fear of men. Blame Donald Trump for the momentum.

This week it's the portrayal of women in the media and the enormous magnifying glass in which they have to function under compared to the XY chromosome card carrying fraternity.

Take crime stories for instance. Most of the offenders are men but the one-eyed way the media presents a lot of those stories, yes I'm aware I'm in the thick of it but this is an observer's view from sideline, they are geared towards anybody but the perp.

Ice addict mother and her neglected kids killed by partner. Mother held daughter down while partner raped her. Struggling family man in tragic murder suicide. Pressures of special needs children yada yada so dad had to gas the lot of them.

This is the kind of tone that lessens the gravity of the man's actions by highlighting the woman's or victim's contributions in these awful situations. Women are expected to be saints and if they aren't, well it's open season on them for their appalling behaviour.

While some women's behaviour is appalling, raping and killing is pretty appalling too and none of the women in the crimes mentioned earlier did either of those things. At worst, they enabled and assisted, which is made to seem much worse than the actual crime itself, as society has higher expectations of women than men, it seems.

These stories are about men raping or killing their families. It's that straightforward. A man killed his wife and children. A man raped his own stepdaughter. But that's not the first thought that crosses a reader's mind. Most of them question the women's behaviour or the children's behaviour firstly, the man's actions are made to seem peripheral or inevitable or just frighteningly common as though they can't help it, boys will be boys et all.

The anti-mother who assisted in her scumbag boyfriend's desire to rape her daughter was horrifying. She was crucified understandably for being complicit but she wasn't the only offender in this heinous crime. She was hung out there to be burned at the stake and garnered more hate than the man who willingly penetrated her child.

Same with the South Australian woman with the other deadsh*t boyfriend who was so fed up he had to slay them in such a traumatic fashion it was not disclosed by police. But she was an ice addict and didn't feed her kids properly so was never going to be mother of the year, according to the news report. That was the most important element to this story.

Or the family that was recently gassed and killed allegedly by the father in a murder-suicide because it was hard to cope with children's disabilities.

What ownership must a person have over their family to do this? The kill-them-all-including-himself-and-the-family-dog kind of ownership, allegedly.

The same goes with that struggling farmer from Wagga Wagga who too was up against it, so much so he hunted down and blasted his wheelchair-bound wife and children away with a shotgun before turning it on himself. But he was a devoted family man. So what's a guy supposed to do?

Watering down horrors like these by using the victims as the catalyst for blame is astounding.

Using a woman, often a dead one, as a pathetic scapegoat is as low as you can go, next to doing the same to children.

Whatever way you look at these crimes it's more often than not from a male-favouring perspective.

As heinous and as ugly as these incidents are, the patriarchal wand-waving over those cold hard facts by the media is a showcase in gender protection and superiority at it best. So much so even a family-murdering father can end up looking like a brave hero.

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