Carol and David Emert
Carol and David Emert

David and Carol Emert a true blessing to the Valley

  • People are invited to celebrate the lives of David and Carol Emert on Thursday, December 21 at St James Anglican Church in Maclean, to share their words, or leave something for the family as a memory of how the couple had an impact on the lives of others.

I FEEL like writing an obituary.

No, not for myself! And not even one for our once great country, even though the direction we're taking in ditching some of the values upon which our nation was founded is alarming.

No. The obituary I feel like writing would trumpet the high standards and moral integrity of a real-life couple whose deaths in an horrific car accident at Maclean this week have left me feeling numb.

David and Carol Emert were friends, and their sudden and untimely passing has left a void that our community can ill afford. Granted, they both exceeded the biblical 'fourscore years and ten'. But life expectancy has blown out in recent years and we have become accustomed to celebrating many more birthdays than were granted to Carol and David.

They did live a long life though - something that is denied many others. And we're grateful for that because of the enormous contribution they have made to the enrichment of their local communities during this time. Indeed, it's inspiring to recall the amount of selfless good they managed to pack into those years.

I was privileged to work with them both through their commitment to their local church. While I was a minister at the Yamba Uniting Church, David established and ran a very successful programme called Reading For Life". It was as simple as it was profound for it reached out in a caring ministry to our indigenous neighbours, helping them to progress their reading skills with a practical approach that would enable them to (for example) apply for and gain a driver's licence - so essential in today's society. It was a great initiative and really hit the mark for so many people. David had a real love for the disadvantaged in society.

Among Carol's caring skills was a musical ministry that gave selflessly to bless many many people. As the minister of the Yamba Uniting Church for four years, I relied heavily upon Carol's talents and enthusiasm as she guided and led the music ministry of the church.

Significantly, these are just two small examples of the many ways David and Carol lived their lives to bless and befriend others.

Some years ago another dear friend died - leaving a huge hole in my life. Interestingly, that friend was also a multi-talented and very gifted musician as well as a vivacious, caring and charismatic person.

Make no mistake, one's sense of loss can be crushing. It hurts like hell! But having said that, I'm also deeply grateful that these beautiful people who have touched my life so profoundly are now enjoying the peace of which Jesus spoke so passionately when he promised: "My peace I give to you. Not the peace of the world, but the peace that passes all human understanding."

Yes writing an obituary can be cathartic. But the realty is that there is far more to David and Carol's lives than could be said or contained within volumes of books. So these few words must suffice for now.

As Jesus himself said: "Well done, good and faithful servants. Enter into my rest, for my peace is yours, forever".

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