Clarence Chatterbox
Clarence Chatterbox

CLARENCE CHATTERBOX: How election time has ruined MAFS

JUST in case you were not aware we are closing in on a NSW State election on Saturday, March 23. It is almost impossible to ignore with placards of the smiling faces of local candidates popping up on trees, fences and in front yards of passionate supporters.

You cannot surf the net, read the paper or listen to the radio without hearing respective parties championing their cause.

And as for the television, Clive Palmer has very nearly ruined Married at First Sight for me. His "Trumpesque" campaign of "Making Australia Great" seems to have been going on for months. I now don't watch MAFS without the remote handy, so I can engage the mute button during the ad breaks.

Parties have now resorted to invading our privacy even further by directly texting us to spruik their plans and pleading for us to our vote their way on March 23.

I'm not sure about you but with two weeks to go I have well and truly had enough of political advertising.

If I hear "Aussies aren't gonna take it" one more time I will burn my 1984 Twisted Sista album.

The negative advertisements of parties/candidates attacking one another both personally and politically is particularly hard to handle. We try and teach our kids not to bully, be respectful and nice to people, and our state's leaders and prospective state leaders' parties personally attack each other in the lead-up to an election to achieve a political edge.

While many of us struggle to pay the bills from week to week, millions upon millions of dollars is spent on advertising in the lead-up to the election. I don't know about you, but I would much prefer that money to be spent on our hospitals and improving local services. It is waste on a mammoth scale.

If I had my way I would be able to drive to town to get a coffee without being bombarded with billboards and placards and left alone to make my own decision when I turn up to vote on the March 23.

Save the money, spend it where it is needed and let me watch Married at First Sight in peace.

The Clarence Chatterbox writes for Coastal Views every Friday and The Daily Examiner every Monday.

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