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OPINION: We're for Schools begins with you

AS A child, I was a witness to the hard work of teachers. My mother was a dedicated principal of a one-teacher school before moving to a bigger school where she was still a teaching principal.

She had a drive to bring the best of the best for the students of her school.

No matter how small, or how big the school, she wanted to give the students every opportunity to achieve.

Following in my mother's footsteps is my sister, who is one of the best teachers I've ever known.

Patient and caring to all her students, she has carried my mother's passion into her career and now I'm hoping I can continue on that tradition in some way.

We're For Schools is a new campaign The Daily Examiner is running, spearheaded by myself, the daughter and sister of dedicated teachers.

I want to give back to the schools of the Clarence Valley in any way I can.

Late last year I emailed all the schools in the Clarence Valley and asked them what they needed.

The very first to respond was Philip Bradmore from Iluka Public School who jumped at the chance to help his students get more out of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) program. Most importantly, the small school needs somewhere to teach their STEM program, which is where we have decided to help.

With We're for Schools, The Daily Examiner is hoping to help local schools in an achievable way.

We want to help schools raise money by publishing articles about fundraisers, researching grants, get behind working bees, help cook sausages, and put the schools of the Clarence Valley first.

Each school needs something different, so no fundraiser or campaign will be the same.

Starting off with Iluka Public School, we are hoping to find local businesses, tradespeople, community groups to help the school get what they need.

With 92,000 people reading our articles online and in print each week, The Daily Examiner has the ability to get the word out.

If you are a teacher, a principal, on the P&C or just a dedicated parent with an idea that could help your school, get in touch with me.

Remember, we are looking for projects that are achievable.

We don't want to fill your ears with empty promises, but pick goals that can be achieved with hard work, dedication and maybe a little elbow grease.

Help me bring We're For Schools to all the schools in the Clarence Valley.

You can contact me at caitlan.charles@dailyexamin

er.com.au or on 66430516.

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