ORION'S BELT: Path needed to kerb Oyster Cove safety hazard

THERE is no paved road shoulder - on the Oyster Cove (southern) side the asphalt stops at the edge of the lane width and the verge comprises a combination of gravel, dirt (which turns to a sandy mud after rain), tree roots, small rocks and grass.

On the northern side there is an angled grassed verge which slopes down to a grassed trench for the movement of rainwater.

It goes without saying - but I'll say it anyway - that there is a considerable safety hazard to any pedestrian using Orion Drive and, in particular, to those who are seniors and also those who are mothers with babies or toddlers in strollers.

In the latter case they have to use the roadway, as do any seniors in mobility devices and in wet weather most pedestrians use the roadway due to the slippery conditions on the verge.

What we find astounding is that the council is currently constructing a footpath along a section of Yamba Road (near Shores Drive) on the opposite side of the road to where they constructed a broad concrete footpath a year ago.

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The question must be asked; why? What is so special about this stretch of road that it needs two footpaths and why can't we have just one footpath serving Orion Drive?

Council needs to get its act together before a pedestrian is injured or, God forbid, killed, along Orion Drive.

If that happens then they can rest assured that the proverbial will hit the fan in such a large amount that ducking for cover will not help them.

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