OUR SAY: Big wet time to think of others

Carrs Drive Yamba during the east coast low that travelled across the Clarence Vally on Saturday, 18th March 2017.
Carrs Drive Yamba during the east coast low that travelled across the Clarence Vally on Saturday, 18th March 2017. Debrah Novak

EVERY time I've inconvenienced by something out of control, be it weather, power interruption or some other natural disaster, I also force myself to take a breath and remind myself that I don't have to be out in it if I don't want to.

Even when I used to have to photograph football in driving rain, listening to wags yell from the stand "Your camera is getting wet mate!” I could take solace in the fact that there was no life or limb on the line.

Not so for those who venture out into the worst of conditions as part of our emergency response services.

Whether they are paid workers on the roads or council, police and ambulance, or the volunteers who make up our RFS and SES units, they head out into the conditions we don't want to.

And yet still some have the gall to criticise.

"Why isn't this road closed yet?” "How come it takes so long?” yell the wags.

My answer? If you're not happy with the service, join up.

The SES for one is always crying out for volunteers, and they are flat out getting people along to emergency information nights, let alone join.

So for those who slogged it out in the wet this weekend, thanks for the service. To have people willing to give their own time, and often safety in the service of others is one of the best things for any local community.

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