OUR SAY: Enjoy Saturday a little more

IF YOU'RE like me, you'll bless weekends when you've got time to read more than just headlines and soak up the week that was.

During my working week I'm clicking emails and scouring the internet at a rate of knots to absorb bite-sized chunks of information and digest which ones are most pertinent for our journalists to expand on and deliver to our readers.

When we hit publish I sometimes look forlornly at the next day's edition, wishing I had more time to appreciate the stories our team has produced - not just a once-over fact check.

Saturday morning is generally the only time I even think about kicking the feet up, relaxing and enjoying the sensation of browsing through the pages.

And there's a lot of us out there, which is why Saturday papers across the board are the most popular.

This is why it is our flagship edition that we're most proud of. It contains a little bit more love, a little bit more planning... a little bit more of everything really.

Until now, you've enjoyed your Saturday edition for just 10 cents more than the weekday editions, despite it containing on average an extra 20 pages.

It's about to go up to $2.50. To me, that means an obligation to put more high-quality reads into our most read edition.

New regular segments starting tomorrow include From The Editor's Desk (previously only ran online), Behind The Desk (news version), Mindful Moments and Clarence Profiles.

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