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OUR SAY: John Grisham fantasy, no fun to live with

WATCHING movies where the police turn out to be the bad guys and the put-upon Everyman character has to save the day is great fun.

But according to Grafton solicitor Greg Coombes, living those fantasies is no fun at all.

Last week Mr Coombes was one of Grafton's solicitors working to give his clients what the law requires: the best possible representation when they front the local magistrate.

On Tuesday, May 28, he was engaged to represent a member of the local chapter of the Gladiators Motorcycle Club facing a charge brought following a Strike Force Raptor raid.

Police did not find drugs, firearms or other evidence of criminal enterprise, but Mr Coombes says they discovered a couple of dogs, one of which looked under-nourished.

So they brought a charge of cruelty to animals against Mr Coombes's client.

Mr Coombes has made some startling allegations against police from that case.

He jokingly referred to his plight bearing some similarities to a John Grisham novel.

But he wasn't joking when described what it has been like since his experiences last week.

He said just driving around town he is hyper-alert for signs of police following him.

Police said they have yet to receive a formal report on these matters.

This is not police becoming your best friend.

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