OUR SAY: Opinions not worth a $5 note

IT'S hard to believe people could get so excited about the design of a $5 note.

The latest design released yesterday features the prickly Moses wattle and the eastern spinebill bird. I'm not sure I could pick them out in a line-up of flora and fauna, but they now have a starring role on our most common piece of currency.

>> New $5 note design gets lukewarm response

Social media has been full of people giving their opinion about the design, and as is the way with social media, most of them have been critical.

Firstly, the design of the note really shouldn't be that big a deal. After all it is just a piece of currency that moves from your wallet or purse into the hands of another person. It is no more, and no less.

Secondly, the note features a fairly dated image of the Queen, which is standard, although I look forward to the day when we don't consider the head of state's head worthy of such representation. Surely there are more worthy Australians.

Thirdly, what design skills do these critics bring to their comments about the notes. Let's see what their bathrooms and fashion sense reveal about them before taking any notice.

It's a typical social media storm - of some interest and a good talking point but of little real value. The electronic world makes it just too easy to be critical without having to justify your opinion.

In fact, many social media views are worth nothing more than a dodgy $5 note.

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