OUR SAY: Turnbull finally said it

PRIME Minister Malcolm Turnbull has finally announced the date he wishes to be the election. As a dedicated politics nut, I've been pleading with politicians through the TV screen to 'JUST SET THE DATE!'

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What made the announcement even more infuriating were the rumours already floating around, circling in the airways. In fact, they weren't even rumours - he said he would call a double dissolution.

So why did it take so long to officially announce the desired date? July 2 has been floating around for such a long time, it was almost ridiculous to hold a press conference. Why bother?

But because of political politics, even Mr Turnbull's date means nothing without the go ahead from the Governor General.

The lead up to the next election has been nothing but a kerfuffle, with nothing but threats and ridiculous mediocrity.

Surely it would be better just to come out and say it. The song and dance surrounding Mr Turnbull's entire leadership is getting a little ridiculous. From the spill to this election, which he should have called in the warm cosiness of the weeks after Tony Abbott was ousted.

Back when everyone thought he was the bees knees and he had even the most left-wing voters dancing, not tip-toeing on the edge of party lines.

I would really appreciate it if politics stopped being this to and fro of threats and backlash, and actually functioned normally. Just for a little while.

I'm getting sick of yelling at TV's.

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