FUTSAL brings a fast-paced, high-intensity style to the game of football.

It is this style that the new Grafton United football club is looking to tap into.

North Coast Futsal development officer Renan Fenerich has been in talks with Grafton United about bringing his intensive training style to the Premier League team and the reserve grade squad throughout the season.

"Basically our plan is to introduce Futsal training into the Grafton United training program," Fenerich said.

"Obviously they have been doing this for ages in countries in South America and Europe where football is very popular," he said.

"Due to the fast pace and quick thinking in confined spaces, Futsal training can increase the skill levels in the outdoor players.

"Mainly that quick decision-making, closed ball control can improve their passing skills, because the ball is different, it stays on the ground a lot more and facilitates the skill development more.

"We are trying to organise Futsal training for the premier grade and the reserve grade teams once every three weeks."

Fenerich has been talking with Grafton United coaching director Trent Cruickshank about developing the training program and training the outdoor sides on a regular basis.

Cruickshank was excited about the opportunity to work with North Coast Futsal and believed the new style of training would only help the Grafton United players as they enter their first year of premier Grade football.

"Renan does a great job and he's bringing a lot to the Grafton side," Cruickshank said.

"He approached us to see if we were interested so we went out to have a look. We've got some guys who play in the indoor teams as well so there is a connection there," he said.

"We're doing it purely for the skills development. Futsal is great for short, sharp skills and that is what we hope will transfer into our outdoor game.

"In indoor it is short and sharp and you need to get that first or second touch precise and that is what we want to be doing in our outdoor game as well."

Fenerich was positive the extra indoor training would help Grafton United as it made the step up into the Premier division.

"I'm very confident, they all know first season and stepping up to the premier division won't be easy, but I'm confident that the training will help them," he said.

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