Ryan Corr stars in the TV series Packed to the Rafters.
Ryan Corr stars in the TV series Packed to the Rafters. Contributed- Channel 7

Love for Coby may happen on 'Rafters'

BETTER times are on the horizon for troubled sparky Coby Jennings in the series return of Packed to the Rafters.

The extended Rafters clan member, played by actor Ryan Corr, has been dealing with his dark past ever since the return of his grandfather Tom, played by John Howard.

"Life deals those sorts of wild cards to you and it's all about dealing with them for him," Corr said.

"His grandad is a huge part of his past, and when the season comes back, we're right back there with Tom.

"A couple of series prior Coby found it hard to realise that there's possibly a more positive world out there for him…. he was dwelling in the darkness a little bit.

"This (series) is much more him pushing forward and taking responsibility for those things."

Corr hopes to explore more of his character's artistic side, which was a major storyline arc leading up to the departure of Jessica Marais's character Rachel.

"Just having this back story coming from left of field, people were really enjoying that," he said.

"We'd like to explore that more."

And with the upcoming introduction of the beautiful Brooke Satchwell in a guest role, does this mean a bit of romance for Coby?

"She's a new sparky who enters the Rafters' world and I think Coby would like to think it's a lot more romance than it actually becomes (laughs)," he said.

"It gets off to a rocky start.

"She comes in as his superior and she's a woman, which he can't handle.

"I think romance is one of the last things Coby has to worry about for now."

In Tuesday's series return, Jake desperately hopes he'll get a second chance to put things right after a series of emotional disasters, and it becomes obvious he's not the only one needing redemption.

Ben and Nathan are arguing bitterly over Tom's disappearance with the insurance money.

Nathan wants to call the police but Ben is keen to find Tom first and hopefully salvage his relationship with Dave.

Packed to the Rafters - Seven - Tuesday at 8.30pm

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