Ruby Hackett.
Ruby Hackett. Lynne Mowbray

Parents chewing nails as kids play

MARK Hackett was one of many proud parents sitting in the grandstand watching the play-offs for the under-13s National Hockey Championships in Hobart last week.

His daughter Ruby and two other local girls, Ellynie Cameron and Kaitlin Pardoe, were three local teens who made up part of the New South Wales hockey team.

"The girls knew they had a chance at winning the game, but they were very nervous,'' Hackett said.

"They overcame that though and played really well.''

"All the parents were up in the stands watching, biting fingernails and stomachs churning," he said.

The girls were treated to a training session with the Arrows team, which was one of the highlights of the week.

"They were absolutely wrapped with just being there, and the senior players were incredible.

"It was a real buzz for our girls," Hackett said.

The NSW team played a series of games before coming up against Queensland in the last game of the competition.

"They had a couple of easy wins and three really tough games," Hackett said.

"Queensland defeated them one nil in the first round, which made them nervous for the play-off."

The NSW team came out as victors of the under 13s National Championships, defeating Queensland 3-2.

Ruby Hackett said she had a great time in Tasmania, despite a hectic schedule.

"We worked really well together as a team, and I think we got better towards the end of the week," she said.

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