BORN Wangi Wangi, Lake Macquarie.

Registered Nurse. Trained at Morisset hospital, specialising in mental health.

Moved with partner and four children (4) to Kempsey, 1980.

Assisted the working group re the establishment of a mental health unit at Kempsey Hospital, which resulted in the development of a 10-bed unit.

Founding/life member of Tank Radio, Kempsey's Community FM radio station.

Rugby league referee, SES member.

Elected to Kempsey Shire Council three 3 terms.


  • Development of: Access committee, one of the first in NSW
  • Community services department
  • New correctional facility for North Coast built in Kempsey Shire
  • Slim Dusty Museum
  • Aboriginal apprentice program


  • Aboriginal liaison committee
  • Rezoning and development
  • Saleyard accreditation working group
  • Delegate to state and national reconciliation working groups
  • Convened Stolen Generation workshops
  • National Parks Committee

Moved to Sherwood Creek 2006. Volunteer bushfire fighter, Glenreagh unit.


I am as you can see extremely experienced;  as an elected person; I have never pursued erused a personal agenda.

I always have advocated for issues that would enhance the community I am representing.
Some people do fantastic work for their communities by joining service groups such as and Lions, CWA etc.

I admire the work they do; I have chosen local government as my contributionto the community service.

My expertise and passion is local government, being able to fairly and with due-diligence represent the ratepayers and residents of our community gives me enormous personal satisfaction and pride.

Objectives I will pursue if elected

  • Development of a mental health unit at Grafton Hospital
  • Establish a youth council to give our youth an ownership of their community
  • Aboriginal mentorship program
  • Reforestation/plantation timber industry, council Free tree program
  • Highway bypass ASAP
  • Rotating council meetings to various towns across the LGA
  • Making council more accessible; and improved road maintenance

Help needed for overnight respite service

Help needed for overnight respite service

Donations first step to new service

What's the future for Prince St?

What's the future for Prince St?

Ideas needed for improvements to Grafton's CBD

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