NOW: Peter Casson prepares a healthy lunch for himself.
NOW: Peter Casson prepares a healthy lunch for himself.

Peter loses 60kg in health fight

PETER Casson knows too well what this year’s Biggest Losers are going through in their quest to drop the kilograms.

For Peter it took ill health to give him the determination to lose more than 60 kilograms, giving him a different perspective on life.

After being hospitalised for ill health including type-two diabetes – and shortly after losing his younger brother from a heart attack – Peter decided it was time to turn his life around and shed his unwanted kilos.

Weighing in at 150 kilograms he signed up to the Valley’s Biggest Loser competition in late 2007 and lost more than 30 kilos during the competition.

He didn’t stop there.

Healthy eating, regular exercise, visits to the gym and meditation has kept Peter at a now healthy weight of 90 kilograms.

“There is no comparison. I can’t even remember what it was like before,” he said.

“I was always feeling uncomfortable and it was a bother to do things.”

Feeling 40 years younger than he did just three years ago, Peter said he now has ‘total well-being’ and has found inner harmony.

“It’s about coming to grips with who you are,” he said.

“When you get big you tend to feel yucky. I got to a point where I liked myself and that kept me going and motivated,” he said.

Peter said weight loss benefits go beyond looks.

“My health has improved out of sight and my concentration has improved as well.

“I use to have a bad knee and ankle but they don’t bother me, now that I’m not carrying around an extra 60 kilos.”

“I got through last year without a flu or a cold and I can’t remember a year where that has happened before,” he said.

Tofu, fruit, vegetables, salad and dried fruit and nuts are staples in the Casson household with Peter’s wife following in her husband’s diet-conscious footsteps.

Now able to do things that he couldn’t before, Peter is going for his bronze medallion this weekend that involves a 200-metre swim and a combined 400-metre run.

“I couldn’t have done that three years ago with all that weight,” Peter said.

“I’ve done it all myself and now I feel great.”

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