Minya Rose has photographed a diverse range of people across the Clarence Valley region.
Minya Rose has photographed a diverse range of people across the Clarence Valley region.

Photographer reveals intimate lives of Clarence in lockdown

DOCUMENTING life during a pandemic has evolved into an intimate body of work for Clarence Valley photographer Minya Rose.

Since the region went into social hibernation last month, Ms Rose has captured community members sharing their personal thoughts on how they are coping with a new reality.

"I'm adapting to what's happening as best as I can. It's challenging, you can't help but feel vulnerable. It's allowed me to appreciate how fortunate we are. Working in emergency, adapting to change is an essential part of the role. So life at the moment is no different, I just have to keep doing what is necessary. Living rurally, supporting each other is so important. It is so important to be
"I was back in the Clarence after being in Sydney for work and I could feel the uncertainty in the community," she said.

"After chatting to different people, it was obvious that many had the same fears and concerns, so I wanted to share the stories of some incredible humans who were showing their vulnerabilities and being honest in the way they are adapting."

The series of black and white portraits are accompanied by a short extract from each subject which provides a raw account of life in lockdown.

"Everyone I have spoken to has actually just needed the five minutes or hour to be asked honestly how they felt," she said.

"I think there is a real power in having honest conversations."

"It's been hard as nothing, yet everything has changed. My alarm is still set for 4:47am. I go to work as normal as I'm emergency services personnel, so I need to still show up regardless of how I feel about all of this. I believe community connection within smaller communities such as Hybrid fitness is really important. Staying connected while missing my normal work-out is vital. We are adapt


On their own, each portrait captures how individuals are adapting to a new way of life; an internal struggle between the universal desire for human connection and the deadly risk of infection through close contact.

Collectively, however, it becomes clear that this tension is a shared experience, thus reinforcing the significance of the work's title: We're in this Together.

"I've had many messages from people saying they are really appreciating reading what people are saying," she said.

"I also had emergency personnel contact me to thank me for capturing (emergency responder) Matt because few people realise what they have to go through each day, and this provided a window into their world."

To view her collection of work, visit Instagram @minyarose or https://www.facebook.com/minyarose

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