Pick up some new moves from PSY's latest music video

PSY has released the long-awaited video to his new single "Gentleman", the follow-up to "Gangnam Style".

It has a long way to go until it reaches "Gangnam Style"'s 1.5 billion views on YouTube, but after just a few hours the new clip had attracted more than 180,000 'likes' and almost 18,000 'dislikes'.

It is by no means a low-budget affair, and it's full of the comical touches that made his previous hit an internet phenomenon.

In fact, the elevator dancing and the man in the yellow suit have returned in nods to its predecessor.

The video sees the South Korean singer acting in anything but a gentlemanly manner.

He pulls off an unsuspecting woman's bikini, removes a chair out from underneath another and forces his rectal vapours on a girl studying in the library.

He shoves a cup in his date's face, and adjusts the speed setting on a treadmill to ensure a runner goes flying off the end.

Users of Reddit and other internet communities have already spliced the video into copious quantities of meme-worthy gifs and screenshots, including a party scene in which a man wears a red stool on his head.

While the lyrics are kept PG (you suspect the "mother-father-gentleman" nonsense line is actually cover for "mother****ing gentleman"), the video boasts plenty of sexual action, including scenes towards the end in which Psy and K-Pop star Ga In engage in some roadside gyration with a lamppost, bollards and traffic lights.

The dance moves aren't quite as ludicrously brilliant as those in "Gangnam Style", but they do look somewhat easier to pick up.

Expect a great many parodies over the coming weeks and months.

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