Supermarket plan ruled out

DESPITE ruling out developing a supermarket on Maclean’s Centenary Dr car park, Andrew Baker firmly believes construction of a full-line grocery store on the site is vital.

Determined to see his home town prosper, the Holder Baker Enterprises director said so long as Maclean did not have the supermarket, its economic growth was being hamstrung.

“We still see the establishment of a supermarket on the car park site as a critical component to us continuing to invest in the Maclean CBD,” he said.

“It’s the thing now that the Maclean central business area lacks and is held back by.”

If supermarket development on the car park was given the green light by council, Mr Baker said this would trigger investment by his company into the town.

“As soon as we know there is an announcement that the supermarket will go ahead and some sort of tender is accepted, we will do some work on the Palace Arcade and the newsagency,” he said.

“They are currently for sale but we will do them up so they are more presentable.

“Then we will start on the re-investment into the parts of the CBD that we want to keep.”

After going through the development approval process to build a supermarket on the site, Mr Baker said his company was willing to collaborate with other developers.

“I have indicated to the chamber of commerce sub-committee, the council and a couple of developers that we will do anything we can that will help and encourage them.

“That includes sharing information that we have gathered in the past.”

Although his company is now focused on future waterfront development in the town, Mr Baker said a supermarket in the car park held the key to the town’s prosperity.

“We are really trying hard to get some investment in the waterfront but still the supermarket is the critical turning point for us,” he said.

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