North Coast MPs need to step up and start fighting for TAFE

I AM disgusted that I have yet to read any positive confirmations that our elected leaders (MPs) have been fighting for the retention of the local TAFE institutions.

The Ballina and Grafton MPs haven't said hey, "this is the rural area of NSW and we have constituents that don't and never will have what the city people have access to'.

The reason, we are told, is that the NSW Education Minister Adrian Piccoli has had a major stuff up with a new system that he and the Liberals/Nationals agreed to put in to hasten up the access and reporting avenue of the NSW Department of Education, and it has failed dismally.

At last count $500 million has now got to be ripped out of the TAFE system.

Sorry about the land the TAFE sits on at Ballina and Grafton - every time the Lib/Nats get in, they privatise or sell anything they can.

Mr Gulaptis and Ms Smith should be jumping up and down about these losses and then having apprentices travelling on the roads to get to the next TAFE that hopefully teaches the course they need to complete their future trade/diploma/ certificate.

I saw in the news that the government is giving apprentices in the city free travel for them to get to their courses.

Well, there is so little public transport here they will be hitchhiking to get from town to town.

Then again these teens and those keen to find an avenue to train in a course or trade could go to Sydney and help build the new stadiums that we NSW residents are getting built for the sports, concerts or whatever they are going to be used for.

The country folk are being dudded, as we are not getting much, other than the road for the wealthy to travel to Queensland for their holidays.

So could our MPs please object and explain the circumstances of rural students and object strongly against the downgrade of any TAFE in NSW at the expense of our future and the next lot of leaders that will be in charge.

They will have long memories of how they were screwed over.

I am so pleased that Grafton jail is opening back up, for the new staff they have to employ.

The old ones left Grafton looking for work.

If only they had a crystal ball and foreseen this, then those would not have had to leave their homes, schools, family, friends etc.

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