Kimmy K loves a good defined brow.
Kimmy K loves a good defined brow.

STYLEwise: Is your eyebrow game on point?

IT WAS really exciting to be front row seat listening to some of Australia's leading beauty educators at this year's first Hair and Beauty Expo. First cab off the rank was Jazz Pampling, brow artist to the stars, who has worked at backstage in make-up at fashion week for the past three years.

Probably the one thing that stood out to me was not only her passion for our industry but Jazz teaches her clients how to look after their own brows in between salon visits. I have to admit reshaping a client's brow takes time and courage but I was really inspired by her knowledge and techniques.

I am sure if I didn't explain to a client that I was filling in the gaps with brow powder or pencil she would have a shock coming to her after removing her makeup to find holes (or gaps) in the brow. Jazz not only shapes brows but teaches her clients how their brows can frame their features and what the best shape is for them, she also believes the ideal shape should be natural but defined, easy to look after and complements a person's features.

"Brow shapes have changed every decade since the 1920s," says Jazz, and although big, natural brows are on trend these days she says "I don't know how we went from the amazing shape seen on Audrey Hepburn to the over-waxed brows of the 1990s."

"There is definitely greater awareness within the brow industry today of the importance of a more natural look. However, not everyone can wear a big brow; it's about finding what suits you best. There's a noticeable difference between cultures and countries."

Jazz finds Mediterranean women love their brows super groomed with a high arch (think Kim Kardashian) but Australian woman are 50/50 on groomed verses natural. The fashion industry loves beautifully natural brows which really is easy to upkeep.

I think the greatest feeling a beauty therapist can feel is when you create brows for a client that has given up hope in her looks because her brows have been over-waxed. You not only receive great brows but the confidence boost is amazing.

Probably the one major crime is over plucked brows. Most women think that thin, highly arched brows lift the eye and make you look younger. Really all you doing is causing a puffy eyelid and distorting your eye shape.

But don't take my word for it. These are the tips that the amazing Jazz shares with her clients to help cope with growing the eyebrows out:

Always tweeze quite low below the brow bone.

Don't take any more than about your pinkie width of hair on the bridge of the nose.

If you aren't sure don't go crazy the moment you um or ah about hair, don't take it out.

If you do make a mistake, don't try to balance it on the other side, just pencil it in until the other side grows back in.

Put the tweezers down and walk away from the mirror. Or book an appointment with a brow specialist (someone with good word-of-mouth reputation - ask your well-browed friends where they go) who will be able to design the perfect brow shape for you.

The second seminar was with Rae Morris (every make-up artist's hero). Guess what Rae mainly spoke about - 'How to rehab your brows and achieve a more youthful look through make-up'.

So when we get together next column you might be shocked to hear about what Rae's new approach to foundation is.

See you then,

Sharon Fallon - So U Beauty

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