8.15am: AS PRIME Minister Tony Abbott entered Rockhampton Regional Council Chambers, local business owner Trevor Wooderson took the opportunity to ask him face-to-face what the Commonwealth can do to help struggling local businesses. 

8am: LAST week Don and Rita Rota would never have thought they would be having Prime Minister Tony Abbott around to their Yeppoon home.

But a lot can happen in a week.

The Yeppoon retirees were two of many Ben St residents yesterday who shared their harrowing Cyclone Marcia ordeals with the PM, who has flown into the devastated region to see first-hand the impact of the disaster.

"I think it's very nice, it's commendable," Rosie said of the PM after their chat.

"It makes us feel special to know that he's thought of us in this little town."

Mr Abbott said he wanted to see the destruction Marcia had left on the region for himself.

"Obviously it's important for the Prime Minster to be here to show solidarity and see what we can do to help. And it's great to see quite a few military personal here. I know their arrival in this part of Queensland was of enormous reassurance."

Mr Abbott was expected to talk to media in Rockhampton today.

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