THE Prime Minister's brother has again hit out at the Federal Parliament, labelling it "addicted to the game of politics", while seeking to join it as a Queensland candidate for the Senate.

Greg Rudd wrote an article in Online Opinion detailing his plans for a new, national two-year debate on "bedrock economic policy".

The Senate candidate wrote that the debate would also force "226 politicians to take off their party hats" and, instead, work for the national interest".

"Yet I find it bemusing there is no national outcry to improve the structure of our parliamentary democracy when we all know it's running so poorly," Mr Rudd wrote.

"Don't get me wrong, there is an outcry. But it's an outcry of complaint and clever point-scoring rather than an outcry demanding positive structural reform that will benefit Australia."

Mr Rudd wrote that "what's best for Australia doesn't come first on anyone's agenda", before hitting out at the voters who would be his electors.

"This includes most of the voting public, who enjoy complaining (because it's easier) or sending nasty emails or tweets (because it's anonymous or just plain trolling fun),' he wrote.

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