Police alarmed and disappointed at Operation Go Slow results

POLICE are astounded by the results of Anzac Day long weekend traffic operation Operation Go Slow.

Despite numerous warnings and double demerit points there were eight deaths on NSW roads, which is double the number of people killed during a similar operation in 2014*.

During the high-visibility campaign which started at 12.01am on Friday, April 22 and concluded at 11.59pm on Monday, April 25 police conducted 217,339 breath tests (up 44,301 compared to 2014) resulting in 244 people being charged with drink-driving (down 142 from 2014).

A further 4,304 people were issued infringement notices for speeding (up 1,218 from 2014) while police also issued 6,440 infringements for other offences including mobile phone, helmet and registration offences (up 999 from 2014).

NSW Police Force's Traffic and Highway Patrol Commander, Assistant Commissioner John Hartley, said he was dismayed by the increase in deaths on the roads, and the number of people, especially young people, speeding.

"The fact that we had twice the number of people die on our roads during this operation compared to the last operation should be enough of a warning itself,"  Assistant Commissioner Hartley said.

"To see an increase in the number of people speeding is baffling. When you speed, you not only risk your own life, you risk the life of your passengers, pedestrians and other people on the road.

"We also saw a number of young people and p-platers of all ages speeding and driving dangerously. Their inexperience at driving heightens the risk of serious injury and death to all road users.

"Parents of inexperienced drivers should take this weekend as a warning. While all drivers need to take personal responsibility for their actions, parents should monitor their son's and daughter's driving habits and continue to educate them on how to drive responsibly."

* Anzac Day in 2015 was not a long-weekend.

Key Statistics (Operation Go Slow 2016)

  • Speed infringements: 4,304
  • Breath tests: 217,339
  • PCA charges: 244
  • Major crashes: 320
  • Persons injured: 124
  • Fatalities: 8

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