A Mackay woman is accused of raping a juvenile boy.
A Mackay woman is accused of raping a juvenile boy. File

Police fear vigilante attack on woman accused of child rape

POLICE hold concerns a Mackay woman accused of raping a "vulnerable" juvenile boy may become the victim of vigilante retaliation.

The 43 year old was granted bail on strict conditions, including reporting and no contact orders against the complainant and multiple witnesses.

Mackay Magistrates Court heard that property belonging to the woman had already been set on fire.

She asked for permission to return to a particular address to retrieve "what hasn't been burnt".

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is accused of one count of rape in North Mackay on August 10.

Magistrate Ron Muirhead said a bail objection document detailed that she should remain in custody for her own protection as there were "other persons who might take some action against you".

Police had been called to a particular street on Saturday over reports of a burglary with arson after various items were set on fire in the backyard of a property.

While police were investigating the fire, officers were made aware of the sex offence allegations and a secondary crime scene was set up nearby, resulting in charges being laid against the woman.

No pleas have been entered.

Prosecutor Chelsea Pearson fought for the woman to remain in custody "on the basis that she's an unacceptable risk of interfering with witnesses" even though she is legally entitled to bail.

"As your honour notes in the objection to bail the (complainant) in this matter is a vulnerable person," Ms Pearson said.

It is understood the two had been residing in close proximity when the alleged offending occurred.

The court heard the woman was now homeless.

Legal Aid Queensland solicitor Rosie Varley argued there were strict conditions her client could be placed on that would alleviate any risk.

Ms Varley said her client was willing to comply with any order as required by the court.

"She is not one that has any priors for breaches of bail or failure to appear and in my respectful submissions she is not a person who is a flight risk," Ms Varley said.

The court heard there were also concerns about the woman's mental health.

Ms Varley said a mental health assessment completed on Monday addressed any concerns about her wellbeing.

Mr Muirhead agreed with Ms Varley and granted bail.

The woman must report once a week and must not attended various addresses. No contact orders are also in place for multiple witnesses.

Mr Muirhead granted the woman permission to return to one of the addresses to retrieve her belonging under police escort.

The case was adjourned to later in the year.

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