Police have created a crime scene after the discovery of human remains at Glen Aplin.
Police have created a crime scene after the discovery of human remains at Glen Aplin. Liana Turner

Glen Aplin body: Police yet to identify human remains

POLICE believe human remains found at a Glen Aplin property are male.

Detective Inspector David Isherwood said police were working to identify the remains, at the Kerridges Rd property, which they believed belonged to a man.

"At about 5pm yesterday afternoon police received information from a property owner," Det Insp Isherwood said.

"As a result of that information they attended this location. A subsequent search revealed the remains which are believed to be human and that of a male person.

He said it was too early to confirm the identity of the body whether they belonged to missing man Jamie Hardgraves.

"We have a fair bit of a way to go before we make that determination," he said.

"The body is in a decomposed state and until we do all examinations, forensic and otherwise, we won't be making any other comment in relation to that."

He said the state of the remains suggested they had been at the location for some time.


Detective Inspector David Isherwood at Glen Aplin.
Detective Inspector David Isherwood at Glen Aplin. Liana Turner

"The fact that there's a fair rate of decomposition and the remains are mainly skeletal say it's been here for some time," He said.

He said police found the body after receiving information from a member of the public.

More police resources were expected at the property today. The body will later be taken to the John Tonge Centre for a post mortem.

"Hopefully that will give us a further indication of what's occurred," Det Insp Isherwood said.

Det Insp Isherwood said police had spoken to the owners of the property, and surrounding properties.

"There's nothing to suggest these people have anything to do with the human remains," he said.

"We're treating it as a crime scene, at the moment because we don't know the cause of death.

"The victim may have met with foul play, hence a crime scene's been established."

Det Insp Isherwood said a large number of people with missing loved ones had made inquiries with police since the discovery.

He urged the public not to make these inquiries at this time, as officers worked to identify the remains.


Humans remains had been at Glen Aplin for 'some time'

A SKELETON found at Glen Aplin is believed to have been there for 'some time', according to police.

Detective Inspector David Isherwood told the Brisbane Times the remains, discovered yesterday afternoon, could have been at the property from "a month to six months".

"At this point in time, we'd like to hope we can get one from the post-mortem but look, when they're decomposed to a state of skeletal remains, it can quite often take so more time," he said.

"The fact that they've gone to nearly all skeletal remains would indicate they've been there for some time but at this point in time, until the experts actually do an examination, we won't be able to determine that timeframe."

INITIAL REPORT: 8.56am Friday, December 2

POLICE are investigating the discovery of human remains in Glen Aplin.

Police were called to the Kerridges Rd property after a member of the public discovered the remains about 5pm yesterday.

A crime scene has been established and forensic examination of the scene has commenced.

Anyone with information which they believe could be relevant to the investigation is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

More details to come.

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