X-ray reveals Bella was sprayed with 30 shot gun pellets

POLICE are investigating the circumstances surrounding the shooting of two German shepherds at Eatonsville.  

Owner Sharlette Townsend said she thought her dog Bella was going to die after she collapsed on the veranda last Thursday morning.

"She was just covered in blood," Ms Townsend said.

"She could not move, she could not lift her head up. She just looked really sick as if she got hit by a car."

Meanwhile her other shepherd was missing in action.

After bundling Bella into the car and making a hasty trip to the vet, an x-ray made it clear she had been sprayed with up to 30 pellets from a single gun shot.

Ms Townsend didn't hear the bang, but was told by Clarence Valley Council employees who were working on the road outside her house that they heard, but did not see, the gunshot.

"I asked the council workers if they saw anything and they said the dogs were both playing in the front yard and then (the council workers) heard this huge bang and the dogs took off towards the back of our property," she said.

"Bella was obviously way too hurt to run far so she just collapsed, and Zeus kept running to the next door neighbour's house and hid in a dark corner in a bedroom. He was absolutely terrified.

"Ten minutes later my neighbour came up with Zeus in his car."

Zeus suffered an injury to his leg and while both dogs are now recovering at home on heavy painkillers, their owner is hoping to find the person who shot them.

She said they hadn't gone outside the house since the incident, and she was keeping a close watch over both of them. And while she couldn't confirm definitively whether they were still on her property at the time of the incident, she did say there were dog-proof fences the whole way around the property.

"It's all really confusing," she said.

"If someone came up to me and said 'look I shot your dogs, they were on my property' or something, it wouldn't be as daunting.

"The whole community is trying to get behind it and see what caused it so hopefully something comes out of it."  

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