Frank Bailey trial continues

WITNESSES giving evidence in the District Court trial of Frank Bailey said the former St Andrew’s Christian School principal may not have had sex with the complainant.

Detective Senior Constable Anthony Farrell was recalled, and under cross-examination agreed that documents from the Department of Community Services (DoCS) stated that no sexual intercourse with the victim had taken place at the Baileys’ house and that a police entry in the COPS system echoed those reports.

Another witness, Acting Sergeant Talei Fenn, from the Coffs Harbour and Port Macquarie Child Protection Unit, told the court that when she began the investigation in July 2008 it was to determine whether the young girl was a witness in another matter or a victim of a sexual assault.

She said the girl pulled out of an interview with police, and because of her reluctance to be interviewed the investigation was called off in October of 2008.

She said the case was reopened in April of 2009 when the girl’s mother rang police after the girl told the family doctor she had been sexually assaulted.

The court also heard from two young people who had been at the school at the same time as the victim.

Both said the girl had told them Bailey had attempted to have sex with her while she was at his home, but had been put off because the girl was menstruating.

Both agreed the inappropriate behaviour of Bailey was a topic of conversation among the students of the school.

The trial has been adjourned to Sydney next week.

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