Gemma’s ‘pop’-up jackets courtesy of her Gramps.
Gemma’s ‘pop’-up jackets courtesy of her Gramps.

‘Pop’ those threads winner

HEY everyone and thanks to the STYLEwise team for having me on board.

Great to be part of such a dynamic crew of North Coast women. I've been very much looking forward to sharing my ideas and thoughts on all things fashion and beauty. However, here's the bit where I have to level with you … I kind of put this piece on the backburner, having faith that one single idea would present itself and then bam! I'd punch it out all Carrie Bradshaw-like with a cool, sophisticated ease.

Yeah, it didn't really go down like that. Turns out the only thing I have in common with Carrie is unruly hair. Oh well, in my contemplation (ahem, mild panic) about what to write, I found myself staring aimlessly into my wardrobe. And there it was.

My poppy's jacket. I absconded with it a few years ago and never really got around to taking it back. Not only is it warm and comforting and a lovely reminder of home, it's also a great cut and goes with just about everything else in my wardrobe. So here you have it folks. My top reasons for raiding your grandpa's wardrobe. I suggest you do it ASAP. Enjoy.

 It was made to last. It's already lasted 50 years, so chances are it will last 50 more. Check out how well it was made. While you're at it, have a look at the tag, there's a good chance it was made in Australia. How awesome is that?

 It's ethical. In this age of fast, mass-produced fashion, it's always a good idea to do your bit for the environment. We so readily recycle everyday items, why not try your hand at recycling clothes too? If your grandpa's jacket doesn't fit, have it tailored. Your grandpa doesn't want to part with his jacket from 1967? Pop into an op-shop and purchase someone else's grandpa's jacket. Chances are it'll be cheap as chips and the money you'll spend will be going to a great cause.

 It'll give you street cred (in the street style fashion kind of sense). Whack a photo of yourself in your sweet new vintage garb on Instagram. Your fashion-forward friends will eat it up.

 Androgyny. Girls who dress like boys. Boys who dress like girls. I'm for that. Check out for a sartorial lesson in how to rock your grandpa's (or boyfriend's) jacket.

 It's good for your bank account. Fashion and budget are not two words I like to see next to each other. Ever. But let's face it, times are tough and if you can get that quintessential "man repeller" style without spending the big bucks, then I say "hell yes!". Flares? Check. Jackets? Check. Statement sports coat? Check.

 No one else will be wearing it. Except maybe an old guy at the pub, but you can have a laugh about it, buy each other a beer and talk about the good old days when an EK Holden was the bees knees and The Beatles ruled supreme. Winning! (Full disclosure: I know nothing at all about cars, was an EK really the bees knees?)

 It has a story. I have a pair of sunglasses that a travelling salesman gave to my Pop in the 70s. They're big old aviators and they have "sports" written across the top of them. In all likelihood they make me look like a bug … but honestly, I love those things and will never, ever part with them.

 And finally, it's an awesome opportunity to spend time with the grandparents. Free vintage threads, rad stories, Iced VoVos and a pot of tea. Perfection.

Till next time -

Gemma x

The winner of last week's STYLEwise So-U Beauty foot treatment is Chris Cable of Grafton. Chris can claim her prize by collecting her prize confirmation letter from The Daily Examiner and presenting it to So-U Beauty and making her appointment. Thanks to the many readers who sent in entries. Stay tuned for more great giveaways in the coming weeks.





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