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Post office finds an address

THE Copmanhurst community may now have the answer to their burning question: Where is our post office?

But from the community response online, they seem unhappy with the answer Australia Post has given them.

Now, the Copmanhurst Post Office will operate out of the Rest Point Hotel, but only for two hours a day.

Australia Post issued an official statement saying the post office will operate from this Monday from the hotel.

"The CPA will be located in the former dining room, accessible from the Grafton St entrance, and operate 10am-12pm (noon) Monday to Friday," an Australia Post spokesman said.

"We wish to thank residents for their understanding and patience while we restore postal services."

However, "understanding" is hardly the word to describe the reaction on the Copmanhurst News Facebook page.

Some people have said that the two-hour-a-day opening hours will be difficult to deal with, especially for those who work during the day.

Other residents are suggesting that actual delivery to their homes would be ideal.

Del Williams commented on the community Facebook page following the closure of the post office, asking what people would prefer.

The resounding answer was that residents would prefer their post to be delivered to their own homes.

According to Copmanhurst News, the community still want to know why the postal service was taken away from the general store.

A letter received by residents said that all post at the Grafton Post Office would be transferred to the Rest Point Hotel today.

For the past week, they have been travelling about 30km to Grafton to collect their mail from the Grafton Post Office.

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