BARRY Reeves has been showing poultry at agricultural shows for the past 40 years or so.

Mr Reeves, current president of the Grafton Poultry Club, won quite a few awards at this year's Grafton Show.

His poultry placed in the Soft Feather Bantam.

He also has the breeding pair of the show with his Langshans, and he won first for the Soft Feather Large Australorp.

"It's a good hobby," he said of breeding poultry for agricultural shows.

"You don't make money.

"It's the prestige, trying to have the highest quality poultry.

"I'm getting a bit over showing chooks, though."

The first bird he ever showed was a white leghorn, which Mr Reeves has had a lot of success with over his years showing poultry at agricultural shows.

Produce entries strong despite a dry season

THE chief steward of the Farm and Produce building is impressed by this year's entries, despite the dry season.

Ian McGaw , the chief steward, has been working at the Grafton Show for the past 42 years, and has recently become a life-long member.

"I usually grow, but it's been too dry this year," he said.

According to him, the best features of the Farm and Produce building , according to Mr McGaw, were the sculptures made out of pumpkins, submitted by Grafton Aged Care Home.

He was also keen to point out the vegetable sculptures that had been created by people with disabilities in the MyLife Program.

Mr McGaw is no stranger to agricultural shows, having been a part of the Royal Easter Show Committee for 36 years.

"I've been doing this for a number of years," he said.

Throughout the Farm and Produce building were displays showing the history of the show.

"We've got trophies going back to the 1940s here today," Mr McGaw said.

The co-chair of the Farm and Produce building, Margaret Pocock, had been instrumental in the organisation of the area's exhibits.

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