Meet the Clarence Valley's most influential people.
Meet the Clarence Valley's most influential people.

Clarence Valley’s most influential people #18-15

No. 18 Clarence Property

CLARENCE Property has made a reputation under promising and over delivering for its investors - many in the Clarence Valley - in its 25-year history.

Its leaders including managing directors Peter Fahey and non-executive chairman Jim Dougherty have notable family connections to the Clarence region.

It's flagship product, the Westlawn Property Trust, which manages properties from the Clarence Valley to South East Queensland, gives investors an attractive alternative to the share market.

In the past three years returns have reached 22 per cent and average out at 14.5 per cent over three years.


No. 17 Emma Joseph

ONE of the other young achievers on this year's list, Emma Joseph has taken the difficult topic of mental health and taken it to the masses here in the Clarence Valley.

Inspired by her own experiences navigating mental illness, Emma surmounted enormous challenges in her personal life to channel her energies into creating an event that provides the kind of appeal and warmness required to get people talking more openly about it.

The annual Black Tie Ball has been an outstanding success, the glittering affair attracting hundreds and hundreds of people who come together to listen to guest speakers share their frank accounts about their own mental health stories as well as professionals who work in the field. Mixed with a program of entertaining performances and three-course meal it's proven to be a winning combination

Emma's event model has been so effective she has been approached from outside the area to share her vision to help orchestrate more mental health balls around the country, something she may consider down the track.



No. 16 Dirtgirl & Scrapboy

AFTER 10 years at the helm of the internationally successful Dirtgirlworld, Grafton born and raised actors Maree Lowes and Michael Balk will be hanging up their famous gardening boots as Dirtgirl and Scrapboy.

The pair, both educated in Grafton, honed their performance skills at the Clarence Valley Conservatorium, before venturing out into the competitive entertainment industry.

Since donning their bright overalls and gumboots to take on the groundbreaking television series created by previous Power 30 finalists Cate McQuillen and Hewey Eustace, they have won the hearts of millions of children across the globe and helped to win a few industry awards along the way.

They brought to life two of the most endearing characters well before the word 'eco' became a household term, helping to plant the seeds of the future with children and their families when it comes to respecting and looking after our environment for generations to come.


No. 15 Hayley Talbot

Hayley Talbot in her co-working space Blanc Space
Hayley Talbot in her co-working space Blanc Space


HAYLEY Talbot is a passionate advocate for many topics that she holds close. Leading the local dialogue on environmental issues, empowering young women and taking the lead on local business, there's not many thing she isn't involved in.

First coming to notice when she solo kayaked the Clarence River from source to sea in 2017, Ms Talbot has used her innate knowledge of PR and promotion to champion causes for the community.

Recently with husband Michael they opened their workspace Blanc Space, empowering local businesspeople and entrepreneurs to find a place to expand their work vision and find like minded people.

Ms Talbot is sought after not just in the Clarence, but across the country for her ability to inspire and lead the conversation, be it environmental or empowerment talks. She is driven to create change not only for her own life, but for those in her community.


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