RUN FLOW: Matt Farrell hits a cut shot into the air on the offside for Harwood in Premier League cricket at Harwood Oval.
RUN FLOW: Matt Farrell hits a cut shot into the air on the offside for Harwood in Premier League cricket at Harwood Oval. Adam Hourigan Photography

Precise placement by captain hands Harwood victory

CRICKET: Harwood Hilton has drawn first blood in its 2016/17 GDSC Premier League grand final rematch against rivals Brothers Clocktower Hotel.

Led by a scintillating opening knock of power hitting and precise placement from captain Nathan Ensbey (81) and helped by mid-innings knocks from Harrison Nicholson (44) and Brandon Honeybrook (41), Harwood quickly amassed a dominant 9-247 from its 40 overs.

"The Brothers bowling was actually really good, I was just seeing them all right,” Ensbey said. "You have always got to cash in and make it worthwile when you are seeing them well.

"We have got a pretty strong batting line-up so I just wanted the boys to show some intent from the first ball they faced.”

But it seemed Harwood were a chance of being chased down by a willing Brothers outfit led by a powerful display from a returning Mitch Kroehnert.

Kroehnert hit 10 fours and four sixes on his way to 91 - putting on a 113-run second wicket stand with Billy Kerr - before he was caught by a screamer from Luke Many.

Kroehnert had the Brothers side powering along at 1-114 after 13 overs but it was a wily move from the Harwood captain to take the pace off the ball with Doug Harris (4 for 19 off 6) and Many (1 for 19 off 5) that stifled the run rate, with Brothers falling 93 runs short in the 30th over.

"They were well on target to chase us down, but Luke really proved to b e the turning point for our bowling side,” Ensbey said.

"Between him and Dougy, we really slowed the run rate down and took some crucial wickets.”


At Harwood Oval

Toss: Harwood

Umpires: Jeffrey Thompson, Tony Blanch

Harwood 1st Innings

N Ensbey lbw b J Kroehnert 81

MJ Farrell c M Kroehnert b Lawrence 21

H Nicholson c Lawrence b J Kroehnert 44

BG McMahon c & b M Kroehnert 16

B Honeybrook c benfield b J Kroehnert 41

D Harris c & b Jurd 14

HJ McMahon b M Kroehnert 3

L Many c J Kroehnert b M Kroehnert 4

LD Johnson lbw b J Kroehnert 0

JT McMahon not out 5

M Vallette not out 2

Extras (b 0, lb 6, w 9, nb 1) 16

NINE wickets fo 247

Overs: 40

FoW: 1-52(MJ Farrell) 2-156(N Ensbey) 3-157(H Nicholson) 4-185(BG McMahon) 5-200(D Harris) 6-221(HJ McMahon) 7-235(LD Johnson) 8-235(B Honeybrook) 9-241(L Many)

Bowling: M Kroehnert 8-0-38-2, JS Weatherstone 8-0-40-0(6w), BJ Weatherstone 8-1-34-0(1nb, 1w), K Lawrence 6-0-41-1(1nb, 2w), BL Jurd 2-0-17-1

Brothers 1st Innings

J Kroehnert c HJ McMahon b Honeybrook 0

W Kerr b Harris 22

M Kroehnert c Many b BG McMahon 91

K Lawrence c Ensbey b Many 2

BL Jurd c Nicholson b Farrell 2

J Lynch run out (D Harris) 4

JS Weatherstone lbw b Harris 1

DJ Moar b Harris 1

J Benfield c JT McMahon b Johnson 3

D Hartz not out 8

BJ Weatherstone st Farrell b Johnson 6

Extras (b 1, lb 1, w 8, nb 4) 14

ALL-OUT for 154

Overs: 30.5

FoW: 1-1(J Kroehnert) 2-114(M Kroehnert) 3-117(K Lawrence) 4-125(W Kerr) 5-129(J Lynch) 6-133(JS Weatherstone) 7-136(DJ Moar) 8-137(BL Jurd) 9-139(j benfield) 10-154(BJ Weatherstone)

Bowling: B Honeybrook 3-0-24-1(3nb), M Vallette 1-0-14-0, H Nicholson 2-0-21-0(1w), JT McMahon 6-1-26-0(1nb, 3w), BG McMahon 6-0-24-1(1w), L Many 5-0-19-1(1w), D Harris 6-1-19-4(2w), LD Johnson 1.5-0-5-2

  • HARWOOD won by 93 runs.

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