Road rage predator almost ran three people off the road

A GRAFTON man has been sentenced to jail over a harrowing act of predatory driving which almost ran a car carrying three people, including a child, off the road.

Jason Pfeiffer, who had been in custody since the incident at Coutts Crossing last year, was sentenced in Grafton Local Court last week over charges of stalk and intimidate, predatory driving and breach of bond.

According to police facts, the victim, who had previously been in a relationship with Pfeiffer, was driving on Burragan Rd on the evening of November 19 when he drove up behind her in a Holden Commodore.

He then proceeded to overtake and slow down next to her vehicle. The woman saw him point and talking but couldn't hear what was being said, before the Commodore overtook her again and blocked the roadway further up the street.

When she saw that he was getting out of the vehicle, the victim reversed before manoeuvring around the vehicle.

Fearful, she drove towards the Coutts Crossing township while Pfeiffer followed very closely, the facts said.

It was said that a nine-year-old, who was also in the Ford Falcon, was crying and screaming 'don't, don't'. Pfeiffer then crashed into the rear side of the vehicle, causing it to almost veer off the road.

He later forced his vehicle to the right, colliding with the Ford Falcon a second time before the victim drove into the Coutts Crossing Tavern carpark and phoned police.

He was later arrested outside the victim's house, where he told police he wanted to report an accident. "My car got side-swiped tonight," he said.

Court documents showed he has a long history of driving and domestic violence-related offences, and was less than a month into a nine-month good behaviour bond at the time of the offence.

Pfeiffer was convicted and sentenced to 18 months in prison - with a non parole period of nine months to be backdated to the time of his arrest - and was disqualified from driving for three years.

He will be eligible for release on August 18.

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