Pregnant woman hit

A MAN who ran a bicycle wheel into the back of his pregnant girlfriend before kicking her in the side of the head was sentenced to a minimum of 12 months jail in Grafton Local Court on Monday.

Reegan James Freeburn, 23, of South Grafton, arranged to meet the woman at the South Grafton car wash in Bent St on Sunday, April 1.

The 22-week-pregnant woman took along a female friend and the pair were sitting on a small concrete wall at the edge of the car wash when the victim noticed Freeburn approaching on his pushbike, police told the court.

Police said the woman turned her head away from Freeburn and was about to stand up when she felt the bicycle wheel hit her in the back.

The jolt pushed her forward onto the ground.

"No Reegan, don't Reegan, just f-k off," she yelled at him the police report stated.

Freeburn told her: "Get up now (woman's name), you are coming with me. Let's go."

Next Freeburn kicked the woman with his right foot to the side of the head, police said.

The woman then curled up into a ball screaming and the woman's friend tried to intervene but was pushed away by Freeburn.

Two men unknown to either Freeburn or the victim stepped in and confronted Freeburn over his actions before he rode away.

The men drove the two women to Grafton Police Station where statements were taken and a large graze on the woman's back was photographed.

Police, concerned about the welfare of the woman and her unborn child, went looking for Freeburn at several addresses but could not find him.

Freeburn, who was meant to report to the station daily as part of his bail conditions from a previous domestic assault matter (on February 21), failed to report in the next two days but police eventually caught up with him at his mother's house on April 3.

In sentencing Freeburn on Monday, Magistrate David Heilpern repeatedly described him as "gutless" and said he had no sympathy for any efforts he'd made to curb his alcohol abuse.

Mr Heilpern sentenced Freeburn to 18 months' imprisonment, with a non-parole period of 12 months.

A six-month jail term for contravening an apprehended violence order will be served concurrently.

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