NSW Premier gets all tangled up in question of shark nets

TO net or not to net our beaches, that is the question.

Premier Mike Baird has muddied the waters by now coming out in favour of shark netting.

Baird is a surfer, we are told, and had his own close encounter with a shark at Crescent Head.

But just because Baird is a surfer, has seen a shark, and is the premier of our state, doesn't mean he's necessarily right.

And his comments pre- empt the results of a tagging and tracking program the Department of Primary Industries and CSIRO are currently undertaking in our waters.

Surely, if the premier favours netting as a way of protecting the North Coast from shark attacks he needs to listen to the experts and talk to local councils and interest groups.

He's hardly likely to build consensus by following his friend Tony Abbott and making a "captain's call" on this issue.

Local councils and politicians would also need to get on the shark netting bandwagon.

Ballina MP Tamara Smith has already ruled it out, as has Byron Shire mayor Simon Richardson, so is Baird planning to overrule on this issue?

And who has jurisdiction over coastal waters?

From my limited understanding, the close-in waters are a state responsibility, so perhaps Baird can do what he says needs doing.

Should we use shark nets to protect Northern Rivers beaches?

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We are running a poll on the subject of shark netting, which seems to show a fairly even division between those for and against it.

I'd like to hear what the experts have to say after studying our particular area before passing judgement.

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