Preppies included in sex ed program

The school has decided to extend the program from Years 5 to 7 to incorporate all grades.
The school has decided to extend the program from Years 5 to 7 to incorporate all grades. Thinkstock

A SEX education program has been expanded to include all students, including the Prep Class, at Palmwoods State School.

P&C president Kelly Dunham said the school had decided to extend the program, believed to be called Introducing Sexuality, from Years 5 to 7 to incorporate all grades.

Ms Dunham said the decision was made with the support of the P&C and teachers.

She said the program would no longer be offered by outside people but would be taught by teachers in the classroom.

"This is so students will feel more comfortable if they have any questions to ask," Ms Dunham said.

The program, devised by Family Health Queensland, is specifically geared to tackle issues pertinent to each age group and is endorsed by Education Queensland.

"While it is primarily up to parents to educate children about sexuality and relationships, individual schools develop and deliver age-appropriate education programs for their students," a spokeswoman said..

"Palmwoods State School is presently consulting with its school community about a sexuality education program to be introduced.

"Parents have the option to withdraw their children from the program."

Topics for Prep year include "body parts, recognising and naming different external body parts, identifying the body parts that make people male or female, identifying public and private body parts and understanding that all parts of the body have a name".

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