Alleged Prince St bashing in court

A DEFENDANT involved in a Grafton assault case bragged about “stomping some c... head” on his Facebook page the day after the incident, Grafton Local Court heard yesterday.

Kyle McGowan, Jacob McRae and Jack Kelly are facing court on charges of assault occasioning actual bodily harm over incidents that allegedly occurred in the early hours of Sunday, September 19, last year in Prince St, Grafton.

One of the alleged victims, Joshua Gorman, told the court he and several friends were at the Crown Hotel, Grafton, on the evening when scuffles broke out inside the hotel and staff decided to close the pub.

It was some time after 12.30am, Mr Gorman said, that he became involved in a verbal argument on Prince St with Rohan Hackett.

Mr Gorman said he was surrounded by a group in the vicinity of the Victoria and Prince Sts intersection when McRae stepped forward and hit him.

Other witnesses, including Joel Jansen, who was also allegedly assaulted on the night, described the hit as “sickening”.

Several witnesses said Mr Gorman was knocked to the ground and kicked repeatedly by a group of men, including the three accused.

The court heard Mr Gorman suffered a fractured eye socket, a compressed nasal bone and chipped teeth in the incident.

Mr Jansen's girlfriend, Brittany Towell, told the court that Mr Jansen was trying to break up the argument between Mr Hackett and Mr Gorman when McRae hit Mr Gorman for the first time.

She said a group of between 10 to 15 people was involved in kicking Mr Gorman before they turned on her boyfriend, who was punched and kicked to the ground.

Ms Towell said she stood over Mr Jansen as the group was still kicking him when Kelly “threw a swing” at her, which she dodged.

Ms Towell said her boyfriend was left unconscious and bleeding from the ears, nose and eyes. Mr Gorman supplied police with printouts from McGowan's Facebook page on September 20 which said he had stomped a person's head.

Defence solicitors for the accused put it to both Mr Gorman and Mr Jansen that they had been actively involved in a fight and that Mr Gorman threw the first punch.

Both men denied throwing any punches on the night.

The case will continue in Grafton Local Court on August 17.

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