Probation for teen caught with pants stuffed full of Lego

A TEENAGER found with his pants stuffed full of stolen Lego has been placed on probation.

Jamain Clayton Brandrick, 18, pleaded guilty at the Ipswich Magistrates Court to stealing, wilful damage and contravening a police direction.The court heard police stopped Brandrick on February 14 after being told he was believed to have stolen an electrical cable from Kmart Riverlink.

He was searched and $47 worth of Lego was found in his pockets and down his pants. The court heard he had taken them to give to his young siblings as presents.

Just three days later police were called to a Wulkuraka address where Brandrick was staying after he smashed the windows of his uncle's Ford Territory and threw rocks at it. He was told by police to attend the police station to provide identifying particulars which he failed to do.

He was fined $100 for contravening a police direction, and placed on a probation order for 12 months.

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