The Australian Dental Association recommends the use of a mouthguard during sport.
The Australian Dental Association recommends the use of a mouthguard during sport.

Protect your teeth on field

EVERY year thousands of children and adults are treated for dental injuries that could have been avoided or minimised by simply wearing a mouthguard, so the best way to avoid the consequences of trauma is to wear a mouthguard during the game and also during training sessions.

Australian Dental Association strongly recommends the use of mouthguard in any sport or activity where collision or contact is likely. Sports such hockey, rugby union and league, AFL and boxing mouthguard are must wear as collision and contact is a part of the game.

The dentist can make customised mouthguards, which will fit like a glove and minimise the risk and severity of dental injuries. It is much easier, less painful and cost effective to wear a mouthguard, than it is to treat or replace a tooth. A custom made mouthguard fabricated by your dentist are a lot more comfortable than the boil and bite alternative available in the market. The boil and bite are available over the counter, which may not fit well and can dislodge while playing, thereby offers less protection and are not recommended.

A custom made mouthguard makes the breathing and speaking a lot easier due to it perfect fit. Additional thickness provides cushioning and reduces the severity of the impact.

The Dentist will take an impression of your teeth, make a plaster model, which is used to design and fabricate a fitted mouthguard unique to your teeth and bite. Once fitted, your dentist will instruct on how to care for it. Mouthguards can be customised to the colour of your team or of your choice and the name of the player or team can be written on it as well.

Custom made mouthguard will need replacement if damaged or if you have new teeth since the mouthguard was made. Regular check with the dentist and an inspection of the old mouthguard by the dentist will ensure if it needs replacement.

Australian Dental association has recommended Dental First Aid in case of Trauma to an Adult tooth, which are listed as below.

"Don't hold the tooth by the root. Don't scrub or rub the root surface. Don't let the tooth dry out. Don't store the tooth in water. Don't delay seeking dental treatment." Storing the tooth in milk the easiest option till the time you get to the dentist. Ideally a visit to the dentist should be as soon as possible or within 30 minutes of the incident.

Happy Smiles Dental Surgeries in Grafton, Yamba and Maclean are preferred providers for health funds like HCF, Medibank Private and BUPA. Which means there may be no gap, or a minimal gap to pay for your custom made mouthguard. Call us today to keep your teeth happy and healthy. Come and see our team for your dental health.

Hockey finals and grand finals fast approaching in Grafton over the coming weeks, a great event not to be missed. All the very best for the teams participating. Play safe with your mouthguard in place.

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